Guide to the best winter mountain holiday of your life

Europe prides itself for having some of the best winter holiday locations. Thousands of tourists flock these areas during winter. Some of the best places to go for winter mountain holiday in Europe include Saas-Fee Village in Switzerland, Scottish Highlands, Knoydart Peninsula and Alps Mountains among other famous destinations. The best time to visit these amazing attraction sites is Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but this depends on your holiday schedule. There are hotels and cottages around these locations that you can seek accommodation and catering services. Here are some tips to guide you and ensure that you enjoy the best winter mountain holiday.

Dress Appropriately

The cold weather at the top sections of the mountain can compromise your health. To be on the safe side, invest in warm winter jackets to keep you warm. There are a number of insulated and waterproof jackets in the market that you can purchase prior to the big day. Also, wear thick winter-weight socks to cover your toes and a pair of woolen hand gloves or mittens. All these attire will keep you warm and dry in case you come across any precipitation as you hike.

Have Hiking Strategy

First, you need to budget for the whole trip to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil. If this is your first time to go for winter mountain holiday and you plan to go hiking, it is recommended to start by covering short distances to give the body ample time to adjust to the new weather conditions. Note that most trailheads and access roads are usually closed during this season due to snow hence it is important to hire a professional who has a deep understanding of the terrain to guide you. Be sure to wear snowshoes or skis when going out; this will ensure that you move on the ice with ease and will limit your chances of getting injured.

Carry Safety Gear

Before departure, remember to carry your safety gear such as first aid kit, compass, and trail map, hand warming packets, pocket knife, headlamp and many more. This will help you prepare for anything that may occur at your camp. More importantly, do a background research in avalanche dynamics to know how to navigate the terrain and how to avoid accidents.

Seek Accommodation Early

Based on the fact that many people love going for winter mountain holiday, it is prudent to book accommodation and catering service in your preferred hotel or cottage in advance. While there, eat healthy foods to keep your body hydrated and energetic as the weather can get unpredictable at times.

Going for winter mountain holiday is a good way of enjoying outdoor conditions during this period. Use these tips to plan and prepare for this holiday to get best experience.

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Things to look for in a family holiday park

A family holiday park can be a great trip to help your family bond. Here are a few tips about finding a park that works best for you in every way.

Ease of Access

When you’re checking out a holiday park, one of the first things you want to check is how easy it is to actually get to the park from wherever you’ll be staying. If you have to walk 30 minutes from the nearest bus stop then this is definitely something that you need to consider.

This is especially the case if you have young children since you need to try and make sure that the transportation part of the journey is as safe as possible. The best parks will be those that are easily accessible with just a very short walk from the nearest public transportation stop, or even better, parks that are connected right to the hotel where you’ll be staying.

There are plenty of holiday water parks out there that can be a lot of fun for everyone in your family in warm locations. In specific, these are advantageous because you can walk out your door and drop right into the water and play around, and you can bring your kids as well.

Many such parks also have specific areas where kids can play in safety with stuff that’s safer for children to use like sprinklers and soft toys as opposed to large water slides that can be significantly more dangerous.

Overnight Stays

A lot of parks will offer you discounts if you stay in an accommodation nearby. There could be free breakfasts paired with it, or the opportunity to get into a park earlier than you would be able to under normal situations.

You might even be able to get free transportation passes using whatever method is most convenient for the park including buses and maybe even park specific cabs depending on just how large the cab is. Obviously if you’re going to visit a holiday park that’s far enough away from your location that you need a hotel, it’s important to look at the entire cost of the park including the accommodations.

If it’s too expensive when looked at in totality, including the accommodations but also all of the discounts that go into it, then you may want to look for a park that’s closer by and that won’t cost as much time or gas for driving out there if that’s what you have to do.

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